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Symbol Recommended
G or L Status
TMED 7- 25-99/$2.03 3 7/8 90%G H
MCTL 5-3-99/.375 1.125 200%G H
PCSH 5-15-97/2.125 2.53 19%G B
PCSN 7-23-98/4 7/8 9 84%G B/H
HMLD 10-16-98/3.375 4.375 30%G BB
AGBG 11-26-99/.395 .52 31%G H
RINT 7-1-99/.08 .21 162% H
SETO 7-9-97/.07 2.125 2935%G B
AFPC 11-15-99/.34 .69 102%G B
FCIN 10-14-99/$2.18 3.625 66%G BB
FRTI 12-28-99/6.00 8.25 38%G BB
NSTG 12-29-99/.68 .52 24%L B/H
ACRG 1-10-00/1.56 1.625 4%G B/H
CBRB 5-13-99/.41 .56 36%G B
AVTI 1-29-00/.22 .69 213%G H
BI 2-13-00/3.53 3.18 10%L BB
COGE 2-13-00/.45 .625 39%G B
LWEI 2-29-00/.14 .69 393%G S 1/2
  3-29-00 @ $1.00 for 614% G
CBLK 10-4-98/$2 4.25 112%G B/H
EVMT 3-29-00/.30 .37 23%G B
CLOPF 10-9-99/.16 .52 225%G S 25%
  2-13-00 @ $1.24 for 675%G
ECGO 3-29-00/1.06 1.03 -- BB

NOTE: S=Sell; H=Hold; B/H=Buyer on dips; B=Buy; BB=Strong Buy

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Comments & New Recommendations  

HMLD - Food retailer - one of our favorite stocks. George Soros owns 13%. Company continues to acquire stores, insider buying, for year end 1-00 rev. $560 mil and .60 (before amortization of excess reorg $1.40). For the fourth quarter HMLD earned .30. During the past year HMLD acquired 20 additional stores. We believe sales for 00 will reach $650 million and net of .75+. We view HMDL as a prime takeover at $12 - 15.

AGBG - Sells farm feed management system - FEED BAG - HIGH TECH. Sales $32.6 mil vs. 27 mil and .05 vs. .06. Buy on dips.

RINT - An .08 shell that continues to rumble and then rumble some more. It acts like a deal is close at hand.

SETO - This stock looks like a super winner! Read the press March 30, 28, 27, 23, 20, 13, 8, 6, 3 and 1 - Buy on Dips!

AFPC - See Nov/Dec 99 newsletter for continued recommendation. See recent press release - March 24, 2000 - looks bullish. Buy on Dips!

FCIN - See Nov/DEC 99 newsletter. This situation is a must own. Not only is this stock a fundamentally super cheap possible takeover candidate, but also recently filed for patent on a device that wirelessly harnesses and transfers electricity generated by Photovoltaic Panels. This alone could make this stock worth 10x to 20x its current value! Read the press release of March 22, 2000. Early revenue and earnings estimate for FCIN generated from management discussion - $65 mill and .72 net. We believe that this is too conservative. Anticipate more press. At present book - $4.26, cash $1.55, little debt. This stock is a MUST OWN!

FRTI - freerealtime.com - free quotes and other quality financial services - over 1 million subs, recently signed agreement with Palm Pilot in order for wireless free quotes - this is a takeover candidate. We think it is worth $20.00 - $25.00. This is our favorite internet stock and one of our only internet stocks!!!!!

NSTG - Another internet stock that we have some interest in. The site: www.veearecity.com

ACRG - Wholesale distributor of air-conditioning, heating and refrigeration equipment and supplies. Revenue for 9 months - $100 million and net .25. Cheap and boring. Could be bought out. More conservative mini-micro.

CBRB - Beer Play in China - For the nine months ending September 30, 1999, revenue $97.4 mil USD and .29 net/sh. Only 8 million shares fully diluted - equity $31,184,575 USD or $3.89/sh and cash $10.8 million or $1.25/sh. The contract with Pabst Blue Ribbon expires Nov. 2003. With the infrastructure, brewing capacity and management contacts, it is hard to believe that a "new" beer agreement with another beer company is not signed within 3 1/2 years. This stock is dirt cheap and I'll drink to that! Currently selling for 1/2 of cash, around 1/7 of book and less than 2x trailing 9 months. (.29). Everyone looks for China Plays. This one should be $3.00. It was $9.00 a few years ago. For .56 this is drunken sailor's delight!

AVTI - a semiconductor play! Accord Advance Tech - OTC BB - AVTI - fully reporting with SEC. The company reconditions and modifies multi-chamber semiconductor equipment. The company specializes in re-manufacturing and modifying multi-chamber systems for chemical vapor deposition CVD, physical vapor deposition PVD and etch processes.

Primarily re-manufactures the equipment for Applied Materials (AMAT)!!!!

Has completed work for Motorola, Eastman Kodak, California Micro Devices, Siemens, Lockheed, Texas Instruments, etc., etc.

Fundamentals: book - slightly negative (92K); has some debt; range trading on OTC BB .03 - $1.00; 39.5 mil shares fully diluted issued and outstanding; 11.9 float; insiders control 70%; e-mail for company: aseg@accord-seg.com; phone: 480-820-1400; according to SEC 8-k Filing: AVTI became effective to trade on the OTC BB during Nov 99 - meeting SEC requirements under Regulation 6530.
We have no numbers prior to filing:

  3rd Quarter Ending 9 Mos Ending
  Sept 30 99 09/99
Rev $2.7 mil $5.78 mil
Net Income $111k $458k
Extra ordinary 0 $635k
Income/sh before Extra   .01
Extra Ordinary Income   .02


The semiconductor sector is "HOT" and price-wise is overpriced BIG TIME, but the business is strong - should filter down to the smaller companies like AVTI! This situation is very speculative! I am impressed that management became fully reporting - must have growth ideas and, of course, they mention within the 10q that they may need additional working capital. We have not talked to management concerning future growth with respect to rev and earnings, but the press release talks about "trends". The November 30, 1999 press release sounds BULLISH! On March 14, AVTI released another bullish press release - in addition, on March 31 AVTI released the 10K on-line. Since AVTI is a newly reporting company, it appears that the 10K is screwed up! Rev for year 99 - $5.9 mil and net income .02 (extraordinary). Not much different than the 9 months. We are in this issue at very low prices. If stock runs secure, some profit!!!

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