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Compare Genericks - COGE - Price .625 - The company distributes, markets and sells dietary supplements and OTC nonprescription pharmaceuticals.

Website under construction - may become a selling device for drugs! Fully reporting with SEC. Book value .90; debt=0; 4.9 million shares fully diluted and 5.9 million preferred (76K dividend during 99)

9 months   3 months
00 99 00 99
$29.5 mil $22.6 mil $10 mil $8 mil
.03 (.04) .01 (.07)

We have great growth, profits, no debt, 25% discount to book, website coming soon and relatively under-followed and unknown!

CBLK - If you bought CBLK @ $1.00 to $2.00, profits may be something to consider! The news is very promising - see the recent two releases. The stock has moved dramatically! We are very happy that management got rid of the computer division. CBLK has the potential to finally turn some heads. If CBLK falls back, add to your position. The catch words: wireless, cable, B2B, and modems, all fill the press with huge corps doing business with CBLK - visit CBLK's website: www.cable-link.com for more information; hear interview at www.wallstreetreporter.com - CEO interview.

LWEI - Review recommendation via 2-29-00 e-mail recommendation. Shell recommended @ .14. Recommended phone service investors and e-mailers to sell 1/2 @ $1.00 on March 29, 2000.

CLOPF - On Oct 9, 1999 we rated CLOPF a speculative buy @ .16. On 2-13-00 exploded to $1.24, when we placed a 25% sell recommendation for a 675% G. We still like it and it is starting to look very attractive @ .50 - www.clipclop.com

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BI - Bell Industries - BI AMEX - current Price $3.25. BI's main business includes network design and engineering, software licensing support, microcomputer system analysis, help desk support, product configuration and deployment, and asset management. Shares outstanding - 9 mil; Rev for year ended Dec 99 - $240 mil; income/share - .57; cash - $8.5 mil; book - $3.20; long-term debt - 0.

We rate BI with a strong buy. Currently trading 5.7x, trailing 12, 1x book, PSR - .12, about .90 in cash. This looks like a screaming buy! Review initial recommendation via 2-13-00 e-mail.

EVMT - Just released via phone - service and e-mail on March 29 and 30. Basically, a clean company with new management - looks and feels like a quality shell corp. EVMT has an existing biz, but we believe that it will be sold for cash, leaving an empty shell corporation with plenty of cash, no debt and only 3.8 million shares outstanding and over 3 million shares within the treasury. This could be used for an acquisition. In addition, EVMT has a large NOL ($1+million) - valuable for shielding earned income. We rate a speculative BUY.

We have had very good luck with "shells" (global spills) BIOF, ADTX, RINT, LWEI.

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ECGO - NASDAQ - The company is a provider of industrial support specialty fabrication and environmental remediation services principally to three industry groups; energy, pulp and paper and power generation. The company also provides construction management services. The company also manufactures, sells, installs, and operates SAREX oil filtration and separation systems worldwide. The company also is involved in specialty fab services, including construction of decks, well jackets and modules for offshore oil and gas platforms - also fab of piping pressure vessels, boiler tube bundles and other equipment used in process industries.

Shares outstanding - 21.9 mil; exchange - NASDAQ; book - over $2.00; stock range 98 - $12.25 - $1.81 -- 99 - $2.66 - .69; current share priced - $1.03; Rev 99 - $258 mil ($2.12); Rev 98 $276 mil ($1.44); cash - $5.4.

Recently announced major contracts: see news for Jan 13, Feb 28, March 8 and 14. Intend to change name of company to Global Outsourcing Corp. - www.globalout.com. Recently added new management and directors.

At the present price of $1.03, looks like a great risk/reward investment opportunity. Recently wrote off discontinuing opportunities, inventory, and other stuff. With new management and directors, we believe that a turnaround is very near. The recent contracts are with major companies - great way to play oil/gas, especially offshore, power generation and environmental (if Gore gets in, company could benefit dramatically. This company plays in all the right areas. It has to be worth more than $1.00. It is likely buying a call option on a stock, in my opinion. You have to own a piece of this company. The potential of this turnaround could propel ECGO back to the highs of 98 (we currently own 15k shares of ECGO). We intend to monitor this stock in our portfolio for percentage gain performance. Go and read the press releases during the past few months - you will see what I mean!!!!

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