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1. GBX - On January 11 - revenues $113 mil vs. $130 mil net income/share; .03 vs. .20 - management states that earnings will increase dramatically next few quarters. Dividend of .09 declared - trading below book; has $5.44 in cash - a long term bargain!

2. CGX - They all loved this stock when it was $70 - now hate it when it is $14.50. Growth slowing and some bumps in the road. Trading near 52 week low. Book value $18.14 - trading about 20% below. The fundamentals really look very good down here.

3. CLE - Every thing looks great - the street doesnÕt care! During Christmas sales exploded, dividend declared. No debt. New acquisition, Great Fundamental. This stock should double from here.

4. XRX - Floundering around. Best time to buy - for when they straighten everything out, the stock will have doubled near 52 week low.

5. PER - Starting to cook! Contract after contract and now forms pact with Novell to deliver directory - enabled Internet and Network products and services. No debt - higher valuations concerning fundamentals - still rated a BUY. Don't count "Ross" out!

6. TOY - This company will turn around problems with Internet. Bricks and Mortar Business very good, but very competitive. The company has more land value than the current share price. Small debt and excellent fundamentals. Current book $14.49. We obviously recommended way too high. At current levels, it is a steal!

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