]> SA Advisory This Service is a must for the serious investor! We communicate with the subscriber on a one-to-one basis. Quick Market Action, in many cases, secures extra profits or limits further loss. S.A. phone can be activated at any moment in time. We are personalized investor buy and sell communications. Phone Service investors usually receive special treatment concerning commissions and new issues. SEC # 801-16302-3 - Investment Advisor.

Subscription Form

1 yr investment letter  8  to 12 issues -----------------$ 111.00 
Includes one free Super Fast Telephone Service Recommendation - 
    include your Telephone Number!!! 
1 yr investment letter with super-fast telephone service--------376.00 
6 mo. invest. letter with super-fast telephone service --------241.00
1 year investment letter  8 - 12 issues via FAX ----------211.00
1 year telephone service & letter plus access to communicate 
with S.A. any time through private telephone number-751.00
Make checks payable  and mail to:
2274 Arbor Lane #3  Salt Lake City, UT  84117  (801) 272-4761 

Note: In order to stay in line with SEC guidelines, S.A. Advisory & Associates may buy and/or hold positions in securities recommended. It is very likely shares were bought preceding recommendation. We may buy additional shares or sell shares at any time. S. A. Advisory's portfolios are geared for long-term capital gains, but our trading habits may vary at our own discretion.

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