May/June 1996

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On April 2, 1996, our 900# investors were notified to purchase two stocks; namely, Electroglas, Inc. (EGLS) @ $125.75 and Ultratech Stepper, Inc. (UTEK) @ $18.00.

Both situations are high quality technology semiconductor capital equipment related companies that are selling about 65% below their 52 week highs. For the long-term oriented investor, both EGLS and UTEK should appreciate 300-500% due to anticipated revenue and earnings growth during the next few years, in addition to EGLS and UTEK's pristine balance sheet.

Recommendation #1
Electroglas, Inc. (EGLS)

Electroglas is a leader in the development, manufacture, marketing and serving of automatic wafer probing equipment for use in the fabrication of semiconductor devices. The Company's wafer probers position individual semiconductor devices still in wafer form under contact test probes to facilitate testing of the devices. The Company's primary product offerings are its 2000 Series wafer prober and its Horizon 4000 series wafer probers.

Fundamental Analysis

This stock is a steal! During the last 52 weeks EGLS has traded at over $40.00/share. The blind market gurus must have also developed mad cow disease allowing S.A. Advisory and the like to gorge ourselves on this tasty investment opportunity.

When on considers that EGLS has no debt, a huge pile of cash ($128 million+) growing revenues, excellent earning potential, fast growing presence in foreign markets, a stock repurchase program and complete Wall Street avoidance. This makes us extremely Bullish towards this situation. In our opinion EGLS is an excellent core holdings for investors that appreciates high technology at fire-sale prices. We intend to monitor EGLS in our 900# portfolio for percentage gain performance. This is a no-brainer.

Broker: 1.800-453-9408 - Greg Nelson; Corporate #: 408-727-6500

Recommendation #2
Current Price $23 5/8
Ultratech Stepper, Inc. (UTEK)

Ultratech Stepper, Inc. (UTEK) is a leading provider of low-cost, high productivity photolithography systems called wafer steppers. These sophisticated imaging tools are required for the manufacture of advanced electronic heads (TFHs) and micromachining components.

Primarily, UTEK sells steppers in five markets. Three are in the semiconductor industry, namely, mix-and-match, fab retooling and low cost high volume ICs. The remaining two are the thin film head and micromachining markets.

Recommendation #3
Current Price $6.50
(BYE.WS) Bear Stearns Japanese Yen Put Warrants

We believe that the dollar will continue to appreciate against the Japanese Yen during the next few years. Upon review of Chart C, investors should be able to conclude that the dollar looks relatively cheap when compared to at least 1988 on this chart.

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