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On March 30, 1998, our super fast phone service subscribers and on March 31, 1998, our e-mail subscribers were notified to purchase shares in Tigershark Enterprises, Inc. @ $1.125/share.

The company is a distributor of Mercury (TM) outboard boat motors and lubricants to retail marine and auto parts suppliers in Mexico with expanded distribution of its popular Mercury QuickSilver two-cycle engine oil into the Southwestern U.S. and Central America. In conjunction with its Mercury product line, Tigershark markets and distributes an extensive offering of yachts, boats, trailers, jet skis and all terrain vehicles. Tigershark is headquartered in Waco, Texas and has sales, servicing and warehousing facilities in Monterrey, Mexico.

Corporate Information as of April 6, 1998

  1. Shares outstanding: 7,200,000 (fully diluted)
  2. Management holdings: 5,000,000
  3. Free trading: 2,200,000
  4. Cash on hand as of December 31, 1997: $1,500,000
  5. Equity as of December 31, 1997: $1,950,000 (6 million shares at year end)
  6. Long term debt: 0
  7. SEC reporting status: not fully reporting; intends to comply during 2nd quarter of 1998

Other recent Developments

  1. March 17, 1998 initiates stock buy back - intends to purchase up to 500K.
  2. March 31, 1998, Tigershark Enterprises Inc. announces that it has entered into a strategic alliance with Global Emerging Markets Limited (GEM), an international investment group with offices in London, New York, India and Russia specializing in emerging markets, to decisively expand Tigershark's presence in the Latin American marketplace.

    The alliance calls for GEM to assist Tigershark with both its near-term and long-term expansion capital requirements along with facilitating key relationships necessary for expediting Tigershark's continued growth in the Latin American markets

    Under the terms of the alliance, GEM has committed to providing Tigershark with $500,000 in initial expansion capital through a three-year convertible debenture with a fixed interest rate of 6% per annum. Over this period of time, GEM will assist in providing additional expansion capital, both debt and equity, as needed and estimated to be between $5 to $10 million. GEM will also use its influence in the Latin American region to hasten Tigershark's expansion efforts.

  3. April 6, 1998-Tigershark Comments on Recent Stock Volatility and Rumors: Colin Smith, Tigershark's President and Chief Executive Officer, stated, "Our business has never been better and we view our increased presence in the investment community as a positive sign. However, the recent increase in market visibility and newsletter buy recommendations has opened the door to a variety of rumors and misinformation that I would like to clear up."

    Mr. Smith stated, "I would like to start by saying that neither myself nor any of the other insiders have been selling stock. We are committed to Tigershark and its future growth. In fact, Tigershark has repurchased 225,000 shares of stock through its buy backprogram announced on March 17. Presently, Tigershark has 7.2 million shares outstanding, figured on a fully diluted basis, with insiders owning about 70% through restricted holding; the Company continues to expect the number of shares outstanding to increase to 8 million by year end. The float, or number of authorized free-trading shares, currently stands at 2.2 million shares. Tigershark has not engaged in any Reg S, S-8, or other deals that could result in blatant dumping."

    Mr. Smith added, "Tigershark currently projects 1998 revenues of $20.7 million with net earnings of $2.5 million, or $0.31 per share. These projections represent revenue and earnings increases compared to 1997 of 45.2% and 46.1%, respectively. Depending on the progress of its expansion program, Tigershark may revise these projections upwards as the year unfolds. Additionally, Tigershark intends to file its Form 10 and become a voluntary SEC reporting company this quarter. In conjunction with its efforts to become a fully reporting company, Tigershark is currently interviewing new auditing firms to assist with its SEC reporting efforts. Aside from those items, Management is very encouraged by recent internal developments and looks forward to Tigershark's continued growth."

  4. April 16, 1998- Tigershark Secures $8 Million Line of Credit: Tigershark Enterprises Inc. (OTC BB:TGSK) announces that it has secured an $8 million line of credit with Bristol Asset Management of Los Angeles, Calif.

    This new credit facility enables Tigershark to confidently execute its aggressive growth plans while exploring new strategic alliances in the U.S., Mexico and Central America that will soundly move Tigershark into the new millennia.

    Terms of the new credit facility are very favorable. Tigershark may borrow any mount up to the full $8 million at any time. Interest on outstanding balances will accrue at prime rate plus two percent (prime + 2%). Tigershark intends to use this credit facility to fund its growth programs, acquisitions, and general working capital needs.


The strongest and most compelling reason to purchase TGSK shares at current levels is the extremely low Actual PE valuation based Dec 1997 results! Even though the company grew by 150% and earning exploded by 480% we are still very conservative in our valuations! The company is a mini-micro and still unseasoned as a public entity and will not fully report for a few months with the SEC. These two reasons in our opinion indicate a more conservative valuation,. At present TGSK is only trading at 3.9X 1997 actual and audited numbers! This value is too low!! We feel that assigning a conservative # of 10X would be more in-line with the current status of the company!! Even using this valuation- TGSK should be trading at $2.90/share instead of the current level of $1.125/share!! A huge 200% appreciation from current levels ! !Based upon actual earnings this situation is almost riskless and offers huge upside potential do to fundamentals. If Wall Street knew that TGSK was trading with this level of profit-you can bet your LAST $$$ that this situation would not be at current levels.Based upon 1998E numbers TGSK is trading at 3.5X, while only trading at 2.6X for 99. This issue is really a SCREAMING BUY at current levels!!

If we examine Price to Sale (PSR) our values calculated indicate little downside risk, with attractive upside potential near term. Our actual PSR for 1997 equals (based upon current share price as of April 19, 1998 - $1.04 and using 6 million shares outstanding) .43 - a very low value. If TGSK were to trade at 1x sales based upon actual 1997 numbers, then its share valuation would equal $2.50/share - roughly 150% above current share levels.

Upon examining estimated 1998 numbers, a similar scenario develops. (Note: We are basing our calculations on a share price as of April 19, 1998; that is, $1.04 and an estimated total number of shares outstanding for 1998 to be 8 million) for PSR. Upon calculating a valuation for PSR, a severely undervalued valuation surfaces, that is, .39. Again, if TGSK were to trade at 1x sales using parameters at hand, then our shares should trade at $2.625/share.

Please keep in mind that the value of 1 is an indication of undervaluation. We are just trying to indicate just how cheap this situation appears based upon actual and estimated numbers of 1997A and 1998E.

Another variable that we could look at is PEG, that is PE to Growth rate. Again, a value of 1 is considered cheap and undervalued. Our estimated PE value for 1998 (based upon management's earnings estimate of .31/share and a current share price of $1.04) comes in at an extremely low 3.35x - estimated growth rate for 1998 estimated by management is 47%. Our calculated PEG equals .07 - obviously an extremely undervalued indication.

Final Thought:

We have extremely low actual and estimated PE, PSR and PEG. All estimates are based upon guidance from management. The company has no long-term debt, has initiated a share buy-back program, has been granted a huge credit line, venture capital relationship developing, cash holder, planning to fully report with the SEC, management long on experience and finally, TGSK is under the radar screen - most investors, money management and brokerage firms have never seen it.

We rate TGSK a strong buy for aggressive, as well as risk oriented accounts. Huge upside potential exists during the next 12 months as this gem of a story filters out into main stream investment circles.

Corporate: 254-776-3999; Broker: 800-331-1355/Michael Chesler; Corporate PR: 1-800-749-0114.

PS: April 22, 1998 - FLASH - Tigershark Enterprises, Inc. announces record earnings and financial results for the first quarter ending March 31, 1998.

Total sales for the quarter were a record $5,348,765, an increase of more than 40% over $3,815,944 for the same period a year ago. Net earnings grew 40% to a record $720,078 for the quarter compared to $514,423 for the same period a year ago. Earnings per share increased a penny to $0.10 a share on 21% more shares. Tigershark attributes the improvements in its first quarter results to increases in shipments of its Mercury(tm) and Cruisers Yachts(tm) product lines.

Colin Smith, Tigershark's President and Chief Executive Officer, stated, "It pleases me to be able to report such strong first quarter results. Although historically the first quarter is one of our slower quarters, we are highly encouraged by our continued growth - compared to both the same quarter last year as well as the preceding quarter - in both revenues and earnings." SUPER BUY!

Tigershark - Year ending Dec 31
1996A 1997A 1998E 1999E
Sales $5.1 mil $14.3 mil $21 mil $31 mil
Net income/ share (Loss) .05 .29 .31 .44
Shares outstanding 6 mil 6 mil 8 mil 9.75 mil

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