S A ADVISORY November 1998
Stock Recommend from 7-9-97 to 11-1-98



VTPI - At .03 - Longer play than Las Vegas.

SETO - Removes "new" acquisition and acquire a "new" acquisition. It may go lower because of tax seller - .15 - .20 not out of questions. "Show me the Results."

PLFM - We sold at high prices

IEHC - We hear "big earnings". Believe it when we see it!

DALE - Liquidation at .50/share - winner.

DEC - Bought by Compaq - winner

HIR - Earnings warning - stock got slaughtered. Tax selling may take back to recent low - management team I really don't care for.

SGI - Buy-out rumors - still own and will profit some day.

INTI - Penny stuff with a chance - poor investor relations.

CTDVB - Management used all the money, introduced an internet product - now Chapter 11

INTK - Management sucks - they hate shareholders!

ANET - Maybe.

BIOF - Made us "big" money and we still hold a position - potential still huge.

TCGN - Super cheap with hidden assets - one day it will fly.

Lynton Group - Management intends to screw all shareholders by going private. If you own 249 shares, you get $249. If you own more, you get nothing. Phone numbers for President Chris Tennant: 01144 1895 835000, 01144 1717 307331. Lawyer for Lynton: 973-443-0600 (Mr. K); call the SEC and your state Representative. Do you know how to spell "STEAL"?!

APM - I am sorry that I ever met this stock. It has been the dog of the century.

AMAT - Core holdings - a little ahead of itself.

SPCT - Maybe yes! Maybe no!

SUNW - Has been a screamer - a core holdings.

CS - Buy-out rumors - a dog so long that Wall Street has finally noticed.

TDF - Asia has bottomed - a great way to play.

PCSH - Must own at current price. We are buried at higher prices. You will double your money before we make a dime. $2 billion in sales & $8 book - market cap only $17 million - buy-out candidate.

EPLN - Out of favor penny stock.

CYMI - A technology leader. It is a buy long-term! A core holding - could even be a buy-out candidate.

SCTI - Out of favor penny stock - with a future should rebound during January effect!

JAWS - Sold for 180% gain - short term!

WEBP - Out of favor penny stock - looks cheap.

ALMI - 218% profit - we are out - tax selling may take it back to $1.25 or so. We have made money on this trade 7 times.

ISOL - The company has always sucked! For 7 years ISOl spells winning by losing. Management should be removed.

WALB - Super cheap - sales of around $700 million and market cap of $64 million

BNSOF - Hong Kong Management team is totally clueless. Management thinks public means private!

FPCX - 3rd quarter numbers out soon. For the 6-months they earned .15 - estimates of .07. May be the cheapest penny around!

PCSN - WINNER - the stock is $4/share - should be $10.00

LUKOY - Cheapest stock in the world!

GGNC - Internet and gaining - great combo - stock trades like a Canadian. We are losing our ass, but at current levels may prove to be a bargain.

VIP - Russian Cellular 80% of its high - we like it and, of course, own it.

HMDL - New recommendation - Supermarkets have been "hot" takeover candidates. This is no exception!

TRF - We made a lot of money the first time around - now another opportunity exists - RUSSIA.

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