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Financial Performance Corp.

Price $.81 -- (OTC Bulletin Board- FPCX)

The Company's principal business is merger communications and marketing services to financial institutions. The Company has developed a particular expertise in providing services to banks with respect to communications concerning mergers and other business combinations, marketing and financial information software.


Since the resumption of the Company's operations, substantially all of the Company's revenues have been generated by MKP. MKP's primary business is bank merger communications, which accounts for approximately 100% of MKP's revenues. MKP also specializes in marketing planning and communications strategies, sales promotion and direct mail. The principals of MKP have managed over 50 merger communications and other projects for banks, including Bank of Boston/Bay Bank, The Bank of New York, Citibank, First Union National Bank, First National Bank of Maryland, Nat West Bank, Fleet Bank, The Dime Savings Bank of New York, Great Western, First Fidelity, CIT Group, PNC and Chemical Bank (now The Chase Manhattan Bank).

Web Press Corporation manufactures two basic products, the Web Leader and the Atlas. The Atlas is made in six different models. The principal difference between the Web Leader and the Atlas is that the Atlas is fifty percent faster. Each press is composed of standard modules to unwind, print, cutoff and fold the roll of paper into a finished product. Each is arranged to meet the particular printer's requirements for the number of pages, color, and size of his products. Following are descriptions of these modules:

The merger communications projects which are undertaken by MKP involve planning, strategizing, managing and executing customer communications in support of the merger related events, including:

  1. Systems conversions
  2. Product consolidations
  3. Price changes
  4. Branch Closings


MKP's merger communications services include: Business Strategies and Marketing planning.

Advisory Services: impact assessments by product, service and customer group.

Data processing: data sources, customer account file integration. Proprietary methodologies for Matrix programming instructions for customized copy block massaging.

Communications Development and Execution: Comprehensive layouts, pre-press production, mail file development, print and mail production. Project Management including milestones and budgets

Communications Recommendations: vehicles, audiences, timing. File Collapse Methodology (definition of the customer). Regulatory requirements for disclosure


MKP's data management services include:

  1. Planning
  2. Data Source(s) and External Suppliers
  3. Customer Mail File Development
  4. Verification/Quality Control

MKP Quality Controls:

  1. Developing tape specifications and mail house instructions (before tape is cut)
  2. Initial tape verification (immediately upon receipt of type)
  3. File cleanup verification
  4. Merge/Purge verification
  5. Verification of programmed data, including copy block assignment and line count
  6. Account number verifications
  7. Verification of live laser proofs
  8. Laser printing quality control
  9. Letter-shop quality control
  10. Postal receipts


1. As of August 13, 1998 - 9,421,534
A. Robert S. Trump (Donald Trump's Brother) - 4.9 million
B. 1.4 million shares - management control.
C. 2 million shares held by associates.
D. 1 million shares - actual public float.
2. Profit margins for six months ending June 30, 1998 - 27% vs. 16% ending June 30, 1997.
3. Current assets to current liabilities - 2.0:1.
4. Total cash - $2,300,000.00
5. Shareholders' equity - $3,312,582.00; book value - $.37
6. Long term debt - 0
7. NOL - $1,150,000 as of June 30, 1998.
8. As of May 1, 1998, one million shares were sold for $200K. We assume affiliates purchased due to certain stock options.
9. FPCX - fully reporting with SEC.

Financial Data


Upon review of select financial income statements and select financial data, it is easy to conclude that FPCX could very well be the most fundamentally cheap micro-mini cap investment vehicle that we have seen during the past 12 months (investments below $1.00).

When one reviews the actual six month numbers ending June 30, 1998, we see revenue up by 100% to $9.2 million from $4.5 million and earnings exploding 1400%, that is, .15 vs. .01, for the same period.

According to conversation with management (President William Finley), "the revenue and earnings trend line is anticipated to be a mirror image of the first six months of 1998 continuing through 1999." Assuming that Mr. Finley's assumptions are correct, we have formulated a likely scenario for revenue and earnings established for 1998 and 1999.

We believe that if revenues equal $20 million and earnings equal .32/share for the year ending December 98, that our recent recommendation is worth a conservative valuation of $3.84 (based upon a PE valuation of 12x). If we use the same parameters for calendar year 1999, that is, a PE of 12x and earnings of .64, then our share valuation would conservatively be worth $7.68.

We use such a low valuation because FPCX trades on the Bulletin Board and, of course, since it is a mini-micro cap, many investment opportunities that demonstrate growth in revenue and earnings by 100%/year could easily sport a PE valuation of 30 to 50x. We don't believe that FPCX deserves to trade at such lofty levels, but if FPCX had brokerage and listing visibility, our share price would be dramatically higher than current levels. You can BANK on it!

If we look at PSR, an equally attractive investment surfaces. If we assign a value of 1 to FPCX, then our share valuation based upon calendar 1998 and 1999 would yield a share price of $2.25 and $4.40, respectively. Again, a far cry from current levels. Note: These are very conservative assumptions. Investors should not overlook the explosion in profit margins, that is, 27% for the six months ending June 30, 1998, vs. 16% ending June 30, 1997. Equally impressive is the current assets to current liabilities; that is , 2.0:1, cash value of 26ó, long-term debt of zero, book value of 37ó and a huge NOL of $1,150,000.00.

It should also be noted that FPCX is fully reporting with the SEC.

Food for thought: When one considers the record levels of mergers that are being initiated within Wall Street, it is no wonder that FPCX has turned into an almost perfect investment opportunity due to the inefficient mechanics of the mini-micro caps marketplace. FPCX has strong revenue, earnings, no debt, cash, a huge NOL, very attractive internal fundamentals and very experienced management and a share price that could be 9 to 10x the current price within 18 months. Most day trades will avoid; if you are a real investor it will be hard for you to avoid diversifying and securing a position in FPCX for your mini-micro cap gain performance.

Corporate No: 212-557-0401, Mr. Finley (will return calls within three days); Broker contact: 1-800-331-1355, Mike Chesler.

P.S.: We first mentioned FPCX via our e-mail service on July 29, 1998 @ 50¢. We didn't place a but recommendation on it at that time because we chose to wait for second quarter numbers. Second quarter and anticipated second half 1998 and 1999 estimated numbers are very powerful and indicate a severely undervalued mini-micro cap and deserve our highest BUY RECOMMENDATION.

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