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BioNet Technologies
(BNTK) - Current Price 9/16

A. Fully reporting with SEC.
B. 7.2 million shares outstanding as of March 25, 1999
C. BioNet Technologies, Inc., is a biotechnology company headquartered in Jupiter, Florida, The company is focused on growth through the acquisition of strategically relevant, emerging growth biotech companies and products and through internal growth of its business units.

1. The Immune Technologies division serves the veterinary health care market with a growing number of treatment options for serious illnesses suffered by horses, dogs, cats and economic animals. Immune’s Products that will be marketed under the trade name IM0D™ have proven extremely effective in clinical trials and are being submitted to the USDA for approval in veterinary applications. Initial target markets are for diseases affecting horses, dogs, cats, cows and pigs.

2. GreenGold developed and owns a patented process that will greatly enhance the ability of farmers to improve the ecological balance of their land, and to feed their stock more economically and more efficiently than is presently possible. GreenGold International, BioNet’s other subsidiary, owns patents relating to the commercial production of duckweed, a water plant which produces protein superior to soy beans at rates ten times faster than soy beans and which has been used globally as a viable alternative for treating nitrogen rich waste water.

3. Animal911.com is the newest member of the BioNet family, and is BioNet’s first entry into the e-commerce arena. Animal911.com has two specific missions. First to provide the public with the quickest link to a veterinarian, and second, to provide the veterinarian with the widest range of premier Internet services to help grow their practice.

D. Management looks very impressive. IBM, REVLON, Bristol Myers.
E. Worth taking a look - emerging biotech, veterinary medicine and e-commerce.

See website at http://www.bionettech.com
Corporate Number: 843-686-5590
Broker Contact: Mike Chesler at 1-800-890-1629

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