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2)L.A.T. Sportswear Inc., OTCBB-LATS
3)YARC Systems - YARC - OTBB

1. A MUST OWN! ARTM-BBOTC - American Nortel Communication, Inc. (ARTM). A reseller of 1-PLUS and 1-800 long distance telecommunication services. ARTM resells to customers long distance telephone time that it purchases or leases from other long distance carriers-resell to both small businesses and residential customers. The company does not direct-bill its customers, but rather utilizes the Local Exchange Carriers (LEC), which provide local area telephone server to the company's long distance customers for billing and collections.

  1. Fully reporting with SEC
  2. Fully diluted 15.5 million
  3. Management controls 60%
  4. 1000+ shareholders
  5. Book value slightly negative .015/share
  6. For fiscal '98 sales reached $4.6 million and net income/sh of .04 ($.466k) versus for 1997 $728k and net loss of $651k or (.07).
  7. For fiscal quarter fiscal '99, sales exploded to $3.1 million with net income of $561k or .04/sh (based upon 13 million) versus for 1998 sales were $382k and net income $12k.
  8. At the end of first quarter cash on hand equalled $750k.
  9. Management has no intention to further dilute shareholders.
  10. Has intention to list on exchange.
  11. Will not reverse stock split!
  12. Second quarter numbers for fiscal '99 anticipated during next few weeks.
  13. IMPORTANT: We believe that for fiscal '99 revenue should easily equal between $12-14 million with net income/sh- .16/sh. These numbers may turn out to be too  conservative.
  14. Sales anticipated to grow dramatically via International Calling plans.
  15. If you assign a PE of 15 to ARTM and adjust the share price accordingly, we calculate a share valuation of $2.40-currently around 6 times the current level, sounds like a BUY recommendation to us. Should consider as a core holdings for risk oriented accounts.

Corporate #602-945-1266, Bill Williams
Broker Mike Chester at 1-800-331-1355

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2. L.A.T. Sportswear Inc., OTCBB-LATS Current price $1.375

  1. L.A.T. Sportswear, Inc. manufactures imprintable and decorable sportswear and distributes undecorated garments for the imprinted garment industry.
  2. Fully reporting
  3. 4.2 million shares outstanding
  4. Float 1.3 million
  5. 52-week range - .56-1.84
  6. For the 9 months ending October 3,1998 sales reached $63.2 million and net income/sh equalled .28.
  7. Book value $2.71 8) On January 11, 1998 reported plans to upgrade its Website during '99-make more user friendly. This situation is also very cheap based upon fundamental. L.A.T. has growth, earnings, huge BK and very low PE, PSR and P/B estimates. HARD TO GO WRONG at current levels.

Corporate #770-479-1877
Broker Mike Chesler at #1-800-331-1355

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3. YARC Systems - YARC - OTBB Current price .40

  1. Non-reporting, but anticipates filing within 60 days.
  2. A high performance print-processing software and systems company. YARC Systems designs and manufactures high-performance systems for the personal-computer and digital-printing marketplaces. YARC has long been the acknowledged leader in Mac 3D Graphics multiprocessing technology. Since 1993, YARC has focused its expertise on optimizing PostScript interpretation. YARC has developed a proprietary PostScript interpreter called the YARC RIP. YARC's XP Server is an open-architecture, Pentium-based, plug-and-play networked PostScript color print server for Canon laser copiers and wide-format printers from Epson, Hewlett-Packard, Encad, CalComp, Mutoh, Graphtee, Roland, Summagraphics and Selex. Using the Intel ATX motherboard technology, it includes soft power-off and other energy-saving features. YARC maintains a presence on the Internet at http://www. yarc.com/
  3. Important press release that may change the printing is done over the Internet. Dated January 11, 1999.
  4. YARC Pioneers Internet Solutions for the Printing Industry
    NEWBURY PARK, Calif.-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Jan. 11, 1999-YARC Systems Monday announced that it had begun shipping XP color servers that not only can receive images over the Internet, but which can be configured, upgraded and serviced from any browser, anywhere in the world.

  5. Any computer image, whether it comes from a digital camera, a scanner, or a professional lay-up, can be printed onto paper using YARC's RIPs for Canon color copiers, Epson desktop proofers, or the wide format printers that make display signage. YARC's XP Server is an open-architecture, plug-and-play, networked, Postscript Color Server using lntel ATX motherboard technology and PowerPC based Postscript accelerator engines. It is the only color server that can be connected directly to the Internet. The XP is equally easy to use with traditional Windows or AppleTalk networks.
  6. At present around 16 million share outstanding
  7. Public float around 5 million
  8. Management believes that revenue should reach around $12 million during current year and net income of around $1 million.
  9. NOL around $2 million
  10. Net income/sh equalled around .06/sh
  11. The technology is so cutting-edge one has to own 10k shares minimum.
  12. Currently negotiating with HP and EPSON.
  13. Great Internet play
  14. We have seen Internet quality printing from their system-You could not tell the difference.

Corporate #1-800 275-9272
Mr. Marshall. Broker contact
Mike Chesler at #1-800 331-1355.
We intend to monitor all three of these opportunities for percentage gain performance.

We have not been paid by any featured company located in this issue, namely: FPCX, CBLK, LATS, ARTM, YARC

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