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One Stop.Com, Inc.
(Symbol OSCR - OTC BB)

On October 9, 1999, we placed a strong speculative BUY recommendation of OSCRT @ $3.31. At present, OSCR is not fully reporting, but management has indicated via press releases that they are close to filing 10-SB with the SEC. During the past few years we have only played a few internet investments, namely, GGNC and TLTG. The gains from both of these issues were huge. Since we are basically a fundamental investor type, it is difficult for us to pay high premiums for market cap and lots of red ink!

When we first became aware of OSCR, we became intrigued about the upside potential of its shares when press releases painted a rosy picture for actual revenue and earnings and extremely upbeat future estimates.

    The Company: Four Main areas of Business:
  1. E-commerce via www.shopss.com
  2. Communication and network services, which includes internet application for fax and IP telephony.
  3. Computer hardware manufacturing
  4. Internet
    Other Facts:
  1. Fully diluted shares outstanding 6,845,600, of that 3.5 million in the float.
  2. Seven Subs:
    1. Shopss.com Inc.
    2. OneStop.com Inc.
    3. Brown Systems Ltd.
    4. CMR Communications LTD
    5. CCM Computer Accessories, Inc.
    6. OSCM Inc.
    7. ITD - Integrated Technology & Development.

Recent Press releases:

September 23, 1999 - Shopss. com and CCM Computer will be spun off from OSCR.

The spin-off will allow CCM to fully apply its retail/e-tail technology expertise and manufacturing capabilities to help expand the Shopss.com mall by adding stores, increasing membership and developing new products and services for its computer on-line store.

In June, OSCM-One Stop.Com acquired a majority interest in CCM and placed the computer retailer in charges of its virtual shopping mall, Shopss.com. CCM made an immediate impact when it began offering a free 400 MHz computer for members who agreed to spend $30 per month for 24 months at any of the stores in the mall. To date, more than 25,000 have taken advantage of the free computer offer.

October 1, 1999 - OSCR has new orders of $500 million. The company also states that the virtual shopping mall and sub OSCM-OneStop.Com, Inc. reported new orders of $60 million and actual revenues of $20 million and net income of $6 million for the third quarter ending September 30, 1999. In addition, OSCM's communication division, a developer of Internet applications for fax and IP telephony reported revenues of $60 million and $14 million net.

These numbers have not been audited. If they prove to be accurate, then OSCR earned $1.20/sh for the third quarter. For a stock that currently trades at $4.50, this resulting calculation could send OSCR's shares into the stratosphere!

October 8, 1999 - OSCM-OneStop.Com and CMR Communications launched new fax to e-mail service to any e-mail address from any fax machine in the world.

The pilot fax service will begin operating in the US and Israel on October 11, 1999 and run through November 12, 1999. By the end of 1999, the fax to email service will be available in over 50 countries worldwide, including Canada, Panama, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, UK, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Jordan, Kenya, South Africa, India, Singapore, China, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Philippines, and Indonesia.

CMR Communications, Ltd. develops and markets Real-Time fax with real-time confirmation for IP technology. The company's "Reindeer Fax" provides low cost fax transmission and ease of use.

October 12, 1999 - OSCM-OneStop.Com Inc. names Edleman Public Relations as PR Firm.

October 18, 1999 - Shopss.com offers unlimited long distance phone service at $19.95/month.

October 26, 1999 - OSCM-OneStop.Com, Inc. retains BDO International as accounting firm in order for filing 10-SB with the SEC.

October 28, 1999 - OSCM-OneStop.Com, Inc. sells e-commerce unit for cash and stock (OSCR retains 51%).

November 10, 1999 - OSCM-OneStop.Com, Inc. board declares dividend - 3.5 shares of SHPS of every 100 OSCR shares.

Other Stuff

1. The communications division which develops and markets real-time fax with real time confirmation for IP technology. According to management, over 1000 gateways and 20,000 ports worldwide are being installed worldwide to support the OSCR/C MR network.

2. OSCR will be exhibiting at the Comdex Israel Show 11/30/99.

3. The recent spin-off of Shopss.com and CCM Computer Accessories (45% when everything is said and done) we believe is very positive for both companies. It actually allows the investment community the opportunity to more fairly evaluate both companies on their own merits. Currently SHPS (new spin-off) trades at $5.00/sh - OSCR retains 51% after spin-off and dividend. At $5.00 share, OSCR holds some $50 million market value of SHPS.

4. Both companies are intending to file for NASDAQ listing once all requirements have been met.


At present the financial aspect of both SHPS and OSCR remain somewhat sketchy. Until we actually see filed documents on OSCR, our rating remains a speculative BUY. If OSCR numbers, which are being reviewed by BDO, prove to be accurate, then at the current price of $4.50 we will have a once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity to own a profitable internet related issue at an extremely undervalued valuation. As more information becomes available, the credibility of OSCR as a "real" deal will have profound upside pressure on the current share price. Please visit their numerous websites:


Of course, we would have liked to offered more of a balance sheet and income statement review, but we just don't have it. This recommendation results from press releases, discussion with management, large shareholders and the PR firm. To reiterate, we have placed a strong, but speculative BUY rating on OSCR shares. When more information becomes available, we will inform via e-mail.

We intend to monitor OSCR within our portfolio for percentage gain performance. If you plan on securing a position in OSCR, we believe that some of that investment money should also be considering SHPS, the virtual mall and e-commerce.

Information - 818-783-0054 - OSCR
Shopss.com - 516-454-1577
PR - Edelman - 212-704-4473, Jame Post

Applied Magnetics (APM) on NYSE looks and feels like death! Two years ago the stock was $60 and a darling of the wing-tips. Now a grave has already been dug! We believe that with a little luck, APM may re-emerge for the second time and reward speculative investors with huge returns. The recent press release in our opinion showed many positive signs of survival, NOT burial! Please recall, APM is an independent supplier of magnetic recording heads and of head stack assemblies for disk drives. The DD segment has been on the skids during the past 1 1/2 years. It appears that group may be turning the corner, APM is very scary to look at. As you know, when things look the worst, the greatest opportunities exist! It just takes balls! We will monitor APM @ .47 in our portfolio for percentage gain performance.

Corporate # 805-683-5353
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