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SA Advisory usually buys all recommendations prior to phone service, e-mail and newsletter recommendation on mentioned securities. The editor may buy, hold or sell positions in all securities at any time. The portfolios are all hypothetical in nature SA Advisory's portfolios are geared toward sophisticated investors aiming for short, medium and long-term capital gains. By nature, the editor is a stock trader and his trading habits may vary at his own discretion. Most, if not all, recommendations are based upon strict fundamental analysis. Revenue and earnings estimates are the foundation for our recommendations. The estimates result from management discussion. We do not intend to misinform, mislead or hype our readers. It is prudent for all investors to review all filings with the SEC (10Q & 10K) and contact management before investing. Investing in securities are inherent to risks to your financial health. If we are ever paid to produce a corporate profile, full disclosure will be made.

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Most large caps are overvalued and most internet stocks are beyond overvalued, they resemble shear eyeball leniency. This market will in time end BADLY! Only area of this market that is extremely cheap is the mini-micro caps. One of these days they will catch up. We are ready due to huge SELL program that was initialized during December 22, 1998. We are 60% in equities and 40% cash. We are actively buying fundamentally cheap discounted mini-micros.

Yours truly, William Velmer (Jan 15, 1999)

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Investors who want to be notified first when SA Advisory releases a NEW RECOMMENDATION, THE SUPER FAST PHONE SERVICE IS FOR YOU - IT COSTS $550/year (including newsletter). We personally call you before the herd is notified. Subscribe now! (See agreement).

  1. November 30 we informed our super fast phone service to sell 1/3 position of GGNC at $3.625-recommended @ .30 on September 23, 1998, for a 1108% gain in 35 days.
  2. After phone service notified to sell GGNC our E-mail subscribers were informed to sell 1/3 positions of GGNC at the same price.
  3. On December 28 and January 4 phone service investor informed about FPCX again and on January 4 informed about CBLK at $2.00.
  4. After phone service informed about both situations on specific days-we informed our E-mail investors.
  5. On January 19/20 phone investor informed about LATS, ARTM, and YARC.
  6. E-mailers informed after phone service notification.

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